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August 28, 2019


Susan's guest is Richard Moore. Not only is he a successful architect, but he's a graphic artist and product designer. Richard talks about the unexpected lessons learned when he started mass producing products. With over 100 SKUs, he's been able to successfully refine the process. The first step, hiring someone specifically to manage the production process. They met through a Kickstarter program several years ago launching their Chimeras through Walrus Toys.

When Susan asked Richard how he balances his love of being an architect with product development, he tells her that it's not always balanced and that people need to get over insisting everything is always balanced, including the balance between partners in an endeavor. Just keep doing what you love.

A quote he used to explain how fortunate he is was taken from architectural school, "Graphic artists always want to be product designers. Product Designers always want to be architects, and architects always want to be graphic artists." He and his partner are able to be all three. Listen to this 24-minute episode about what that looks like, his advice, tips and insights. There will also be a new Kickstarter soon to launch four new toys completely separate from the successful and popular, Chimeras line. He would give us NO hints, you'll just have to get on his mailing list to find out. You don't want to miss the Kickstarter opportunity!

Now, I need to go to find my next gifts on - they are always inventing SOMETHING I want.

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