Rooted In Revenue

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About the Show

February 5, 2018

James W. Obermayer, publisher of the Funnel Media Group LLC TM and its Funnel Radio Channel, a live-streaming internet radio station, announced that it is expanding programming for B2B listeners with the new program, Rooted in Revenue.

Rooted in Revenue is a perfect addition to our program line-up each Thursday morning,” said James Obermayer. “The program tackles many revenue subjects, all based on revenue generating marketing, events and sales activities with expert hosts and guests. 

About Rooted in Revenue and its Hosts

“Creating a new revenue stream with events can be challenging yet highly lucrative, that’s where Lany’s expertise comes in. I stay focused on missed steps in digital marketing.” said Rooted in Revenue Co-host Susan Finch.  The program is cohosted by Lany Sullivan and Susan Finch. 

Co-host Lany Sullivan brings her 19 years of business, finance and event experience to the conversation to assist business owners as they create their events. Sullivan’s goal is to help business owners create better events that not only generates a greater impact within the community but also generates a healthy revenue for the business owner.

Co-host Susan Finch has been helping people solve marketing problems and build their online reputations and value for decades. Rooted in Revenue is a venue for snack-sized tips that can be easily implemented. Many tips are simply forgotten details as we are always moving fast to check things off our lists. Her step-by-step ideas and sometimes brutal logic are refreshing to verbose explanations. In addition to her own experience, she interviews revenue professionals from companies of all sizes to share their experience.