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PRESS KIT: Give them the bio and photos you want them to share.

January 3, 2018


In this 6 minute episode, Susan covers the checklist to create your own online press kit. It’s great when people include you in their posts, include your photo, mention your company. But, you want people to post about you with the correct, current images, logos and statements. If you have a place on your website you can send them, it makes it easy for a consistent, current message.  

How about or /presskit ? This makes saying it or sharing it easier.

You can also include a contact form on that page for additional requests, including interviews and speaking engagements.


Create a shared folder for your company and make subfolders:

  • BIOS

Name your headshot images something unique for tracking purposes. This makes sorting easier and to see what you've missed or pull a grouping quickly when the names follow a pattern such as:



Then you can actually search for those file names online to see if they are in use anywhere. This won’t always work, as some sites rename images when they upload them, but it won’t hurt and gives you a consistent naming convention for your resources.

bio_susanfinch.txt, or .docx - something they can easily copy and paste. Don't make it hard by printing to PDF. Sometimes when you copy/paste from a PDF, the lines may get rearranged, words skipped or other formatting issues.

What you need - a check list:

  1. Company statement/footer type of info that you’d include in press releases.
  2. Leadership bios of varying lengths: 200-250 words, 100-150 words, 50-75 words.
  3. Leadership intros - spoken for live events. Keep it short and punchy.
  4. Leadership intros - spoken for podcasts, webinars. Keep this even shorter - just a sentence or two. You can bring them to your site to learn more at the end with a call to action.
  5. Leadership PROFESSIONAL headshots in varying formats: JPG 300 x 300 and 300 x 400, JPG 1600 x 1600, Grayscale for pint 3” x 3” CMYK/Grayscale
  6. Company logo in varying formats:
    FULL COLOR: small (under 28K), medium (up to 100K and 600px across), large (up to 1MB 1200 x 900 or a variation)
    TRANSPARENT (png):  small (under 28K), medium (up to 100K and 600px across), large (up to 1MB 1200 x 900 or a variation)
    CMYK version for printed applications - one size large, or PDF in CMYK.
  7. 5 quick facts about the company.

Remember to review this section of your site quarterly, since team members change and photos should be updated at least every other year. Annually is better to keep styles current.

If you need help creating this resource on your website, let me know [email protected]