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What if the old audience is still enjoyable, but not as profitable?

February 24, 2021


"I understand that your clients are your gold, and I'm not going to do anything to tarnish that." Doug C.  
Who is your ideal client? do not be afraid to truthfully state it. Everyone is not our client. Dream it! You are not being ungrateful grabbing all the crumbs. Free up your time, free up your effort. What do you want your income level to be? Is that enough? It may be fine, everyone has their own level of gratification.

Some of us base it on time, not money. Why not have it accomplish both? Doug tells us his one thing, with a City Slickers' reference. His one thing was building an agency within the company. Listen in to hear how he did this and increased his revenue by nearly 850%! He also helps us recover when we need to identify a new 'best audience' without abandoning the old audience. Do not cannibalize your base overnight just to go after a new market.  It's easier to keep going with your existing clients and more profitable. Include your existing clients in your ideas. You will be pleasantly surprised that they catch your excitement and are willing to consider your new offerings. 

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